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Mary Smith

Seasoned Operations Generalist with a proven track record of driving success in the fast-paced world of startups. With over 15 years of experience, I bring a potent blend of raw intelligence, resourcefulness, and adaptability to every project.


Efficiency Champion | Process Optimization Expert | Cost Reduction Specialist

Ensuring your organization, people, processes, and incentives are aligned to your strategic goals. Supports leadership with the development, implementation, and ongoing execution of various business processes and tasks.

HR & Talent

Nurturing Talent, and Enhancing Organizational Success

Extensive expertise in optimizing talent acquisition, from sourcing to onboarding, ensuring peak performance and seamless offboarding. Understanding of payroll compliance, remittances, and benefits accounting. In-depth familiarity with the intricacies of virtual remote work environments, adept at harnessing their potential while overcoming their inherent challenges.

Finance & Reporting

Data-Driven Finance Operations | Enhancing Profitability & Driving Financial Success

Proficient in a spectrum of business functions, adept at data analysis for identifying trends and risks, and skilled in presenting findings to stakeholders. Experienced in facilitating audits by providing crucial documentation, managing budgets, and preparing comprehensive financial reports. Demonstrated ability in efficient cash flow management, expense tracking, and financial modeling, with a keen focus on establishing and upholding robust internal controls to ensure financial precision and security.

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"It always amazed me that I could list off the outcomes I was looking for, and Mary could design a concept, produce a prototype, then tweak it based on feedback and we’d have a solid working system to get started with. Some of those tools are still in use today and I have no plans to change them! Mary’s ability to project management initiatives and see them through from concept to launch was a huge asset, resulting in our team of 2 creating more tools and processes for our small company than many larger organizations have in place with teams many times our size. " - CHRISTY RANSOM, SVP OF OPERATIONS AT VALUIZE

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